LNS – LaNebia’s Shops Network® gives you our “LNS Teleport HUD” FREE !

LNS Teleport HUD tex

The HUD was designed to make your shopping experience more convenient. It provides easy access to all LNS Network shop locations, just by clicking a button with the shop’s brand logo. After you give the permission to be teleported by an object, you will be immediately teleported to the shop.

When you click the blue “Take NC” button, you will be given a Notecard with the information about the brands, products of which we sell through the LNS Network.

After clicking the pink “Join Group” button, the LNS Update Group invitation will appear in your local chat window.

In the bottom row you’ll find our Social Media buttons, inviting you to open a webpages in external browser. The links will lead you to :
– Blog on WordPress
– Flickr profile
– Avatarbook profile
– ASNERS profile
– Twitter profile


You can COPY/TRANSFER the HUD, and you are allowed to pass it to your friends !

The HUD is provided with the UPDATE script, so every time you attach it, HUD will check, if its newer version is available. If so, you will be supplied with the most up-to-date version automatically, FREE OF CHARGE !

I hope you will have great fun with this tool !
Happy shopping !

The Gift HUD is FREE to get in every LNS Network shop, as well as on the Marketplace