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I’m pretty sure you know, that there are FREE GIFTS available in LNS Network affiliate shops. Now you can grab them ALL in one single location ! Here is what to expect :

Link to our Shopping Mall : LNS Shop&Store Rentals

LNS – LaNebia’s Shops Network® gives you our “LNS Teleport HUD” FREE !

LNS Teleport HUD tex

The HUD was designed to make your shopping experience more convenient. It provides easy access to all LNS Network shop locations, just by clicking a button with the shop’s brand logo. After you give the permission to be teleported by an object, you will be immediately teleported to the shop.

When you click the blue “Take NC” button, you will be given a Notecard with the information about the brands, products of which we sell through the LNS Network.

After clicking the pink “Join Group” button, the LNS Update Group invitation will appear in your local chat window.

In the bottom row you’ll find our Social Media buttons, inviting you to open a webpages in external browser. The links will lead you to :
– Blog on WordPress
– Flickr profile
– Avatarbook profile
– ASNERS profile
– Twitter profile


You can COPY/TRANSFER the HUD, and you are allowed to pass it to your friends !

The HUD is provided with the UPDATE script, so every time you attach it, HUD will check, if its newer version is available. If so, you will be supplied with the most up-to-date version automatically, FREE OF CHARGE !

I hope you will have great fun with this tool !
Happy shopping !

The Gift HUD is FREE to get in every LNS Network shop, as well as on the Marketplace

A Spring has come and Easter is just around the corner ! To celebrate it, LNS Network is taking part in just started Kikai Spring Market event. Here is the announcing poster :

Easter Market Promo Poster 2018

The event takes place at Kikai Market Squares, with many egg stalls, 48 shops and Spring Egg Hunt. Look for eggs on both Kikai Market Squares around, the Egg Stalls and also in the surrounding stores that display a poster. Many unique gifts have been made specially for this hunt. How many eggs? You tell me 😉

And here is what LNS Network prepared for you : only thing you have to do is to find our eggs ! It shouldn’t be too hard – there are a hint givers placed all over the place.

Here are the direct links to the participating LNS affiliate shops : Gaall® – Shop #9 @Kikai and LC Fashion® – Shop #10 @Kikai

“Aleta” dress and “Fae” outfit are the newest releases by Sweet Temptations® this week. Both are fitted mesh : “Aleta” comes with 17 texture HUD and almost all sizes for the most popular mesh bodies in #SecondLife. The “Romantic” outfit is the opportunity you just can’t miss ! This lovely jacket and skirt is a FREE GIFT !!! It comes in sizes for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, #TMP, Tonic, eBody mesh bodies, as well as for the Classic avatars. Hurry up and grab it !

Sweet Temptations Aleta Dress

Sweet Temptations Romantic Outfit

Available in LNS affiliate shops : Shop #3 @Luxory North and – NEW LOCATION ! – Shop #11 @Aero Pines

Here are the two newest releases from Gaall® : “Mandy” outfit and “Cristina” dress. And the dress is a FREE GIFT ! Both are of course Fitted Mesh – “Nain” it’s a top and skirt, with 20 textures HUD, in sizes for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Tonic mesh bodies. The free “Cristina” dress is for almost every available in SL mesh body, as well as for the Classic avatars. Enjoy !

Gaall Nain Outfit

Gaall Cristina Dress

Available at LNS affiliate shops : Shop #9 @Kikai and Shop #13 @ Restful Pleasure.

Don’t you have an impression, that we didn’t hear from Vaxer® for sometime ? Today it’s going to change : I’d like to show you 4 (!) brand new outfits at once !

Let’s start with “Ruffles” outfit : it’s Fitted Mesh top, skirt and panties, in sizes for different mesh bodies. Comes with 12 texture HUD. Top quality as always 🙂

Vaxer Ruffles Outfit

Next one is “Indy” outfit : quality Fitted Mesh top, pants and boots. Available in sizes for almost all the most popular mesh bodies, as well as for the classic avatars. And guess what : “Indy” is a FREE GIFT !!! Don’t you love her already ?

Vaxer Indy Outfit

Now it’s time for the lovely “Venus” outfit : it’s impressive Fitted Mesh dress and knee-high boots, with 14 textures HUD, for Maitreya, both Slink and all kind of the Belleza mesh bodies. Every female clubgoer in SL will love it !

Vaxer Venus Outfit

Last but not least, here is “Laura” outfit : the Fitted Mesh top and bikini, in sizes for several mesh bodies. Comes with the 14 textures HUD.

Vaxer Laura Outfit

All the above available in the LNS affiliate shops : Shop #2 @Omega Solutions and – NEW LOCATION ! – Shop #12 @Havendale Village

Grab it ! The “Joy Sandals” are the FREE GIFT for you from Chic&Shoes®, with 40 textures HUD, in sizes for Maitreya and Slink High mesh bodies.

Chic&Shoes Joy Sandals

Available in the following shops of LNS affiliate network : Shop #16 – Chic&Shoes @Celtic and Shop #18 – TaNs Fashion @The Regency Mall (Upstairs !)


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