I have a GREAT news for you to start the weekend : Vaxer®, Gaall®Sweet Temptations® and Chic&Shoes® announced the “Winter SALE” on their products ! This weekend, from Friday 9th till midnight Sunday 11th, all their clothes, outfits and footwear will be available for 50% of the regular price ! Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to load your wardrobe to the limits !

Winter sale

Here are the links to the participating LNS affiliate shops :

Vaxer®  Shop #2 @Omega Solutions and Shop #12 @Valyria

Chic&Shoes® – Shop #16 – Chic&Shoes @Celtic and Shop #18 – TaNs Fashion @The Regency Mall (Upstairs !)

Gaall® – Shop #9 @Kikai and Shop #13 @ Restful Pleasure

Sweet Temptations® – Shop #3 @Luxory North and Shop #11 @Southside District